2019 Jaguar I-PACE

The Jaguar I-Pace is an amazing SUV. It is a fun-to-drive crossover and one of the most well-rounded automatic vehicles you can purchase. Finding fault with the I-pace performance needs heavy nitpicking. This EV accelerates with ease and maintains a strong grip on the road. You can even take it off-road if you are so inclined, aided by standard all-wheel drive and an adaptive air suspension structure that can increase the SUV or lower it.

The I-pace is just as perfect as you guess a Jaguar to be. A fixed panoramic sunroof, stylish lighting, and plush synthetic leather seats are standard. To dial up the decadence, Jaguar provides upgrades such as Windsor leather seats with up to eighteen power adjustments, along with a suede headliner, an illuminated metal door sills, and a surround-sound system.
I-Pace Infotainment, Bluetooth, and Navigation

This is the primary jaguar to spec the inControl Touch Pro Duo infotainment system – almost the same twins-screen interface found in the Range Rover Velar – and the wonderful screens boast crisp graphics. The navigation system advises charging stations along your route and guesses range based on your driving style. The atmosphere controls can account for the SUVs passenger count at any given time, adjusting the air and seat climates as required to conserve the battery and prolong accessible range. In reality, though, not every item works perfectly, curtailing ease of use. Menu layouts are hard in the Touch Pro Duo interface and adaptable drivers show, and both can be slow to react to inputs.

Passenger relaxation is a mixed bag within this 5 seater. On the plus side, the I-Pace has a liberal amount of passenger area, and it provides ample knee and legroom for adults to sit happily in the rear. The bolstering, cushions, and materials are also wonderful. Some reviewers say outward visibility for the driver could be remarkable, though.

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