2019 Audi Q8

The 2019 Audi Q8 is the latest big, premium 5 seat SUV ready to take on the BMW X6 and Land Rover Range Rover. Powertrain details are yet to be verified, but guess Audi supercharged or turbocharged V6 with mild hybrid assistance linked to an 8-speed transmission and standard all-wheel drive. Adaptive suspension is standard, while the latest generation of MMI infotainment specs twin touchscreens with audio and haptic feedback.

10 years ago, Audi had 1 SUV in its lineup and it accounts for barely fifteen percent of the brand’s sales. Last year, Crossovers and SUVs represented over half of all Audi sales, and the trend continues the current year, inching nearer to fifty-five percent of the German luxury brand volume. While it is tempting to think that most of that is from the brand’s top-selling Q5, Audi sold over 38,000 bigger, more costly Q7s, in the American last year, no doubt producing huge profits for the brand to keep building R8s and weird 5 cylinder turbos.

With a subcompact Q3 bringing fresh buyers to the brand and soon-to-arrive Tron Quattro representing the future and attractive to technophiles ready to make the leap to automatic power, Audi has not forgotten about the top luxury looking for poshest, fanciest ride at the club.

It is still a big vehicle and will give sufficient room within for the 5 or 4 passengers lucky enough to ride in it. It is an attempt to remind the legendary Ur Quattro Coupe, they have planned a bit of black plastic stretching between the taillights. I do not truly view the resemblance, other than that the Ur Quattro also had black plastic between the full-width light strip and taillights.

Under the hood, many guess the Q8 to mirror the Q7 drivetrain, namely the 333-hp supercharged 3.0T paired with 8 speed mechanical, but Audi has verified that it will release with the 48-volt mild hybrid system and the standard Quattro all-wheel drive.

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